Grace Immersion

What Leaders Are Saying About Grace Immersion

“Anyone who reads through Grace Immersion is going to come out clean and refreshed, feeling like weights have lifted off them and most of all their hearts melted in wondrous gratitude to Jesus. But the impact of this book won’t end with the reader. As people grasp the message within, their lives will then contagiously impact those who are around them because of the grace they are immersed in. What an incredibly needed message is within these pages about grace, which can literally turn around someone’s entire understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.”

Dan Kimball

Pastor, Vintage Faith Church
Santa Cruz, California
Author of They Like Jesus But Not The Church

“Every Christian I know is looking for what this book describes… And nobody says it with more depth or more humor than René Schlaepfer. If you find yourself needing grace to start over, to overcome a crippling habit, or to let go of guilt, you have picked up the right book. What’s at stake? Everything! Every church has scores of people living under dark clouds of condemnation, guilt and hopelessness. Christians and the Christian church are at their best (and most attractive) when and only when they are set free by grace!”

Ray Johnston

Senior Pastor, Bayside Church
Granite Bay, California
President of Developing Effective Leaders

“Grace is one of those church words that we use but don’t really understand biblically or live freely…
Grace Immersion will help you understand grace means ‘God helps freely’ and learn to live in the freedom God graciously gives His children.”

Dr. Gerry Breshears

Chair, Division of Biblical and Theological Studies
at Western Seminary
Author (with Mark Driscoll) of Vintage Jesus; Death By Love; and Doctrine: What The Church Should Believe

“If you find your life is dry and joyless, Grace Immersion will help you find the laughter again. And not just through funny stories. René gets to the delightful heart of God’s love for you. God’s grace is the theme of the whole Bible, so how do we miss it? You’ll rediscover it here in bite-sized daily doses that will change you to the core.”

Bill Butterworth

Speaker, and author of On The Fly Guide to Balancing Work and Life; The Promise of the Second Wind and When Life Doesn’t Turn Out Like You Planned

“This book rescues grace from the nice theology pile by
demonstrating how it can transform your life.”

Dr. M. Craig Barnes

Senior Pastor, Shadyside Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh
Professor of Leadership and Ministry
at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Author of Yearning; An Extravagant Mercy, and more

“Do you want to plunge into the refreshing ocean of God’s grace? This book is a perfect diving board! Use the daily meditations, small group resources, songs, and action challenges to launch you into a new and deeper experience of grace.”

Kevin Harney

Pastor, Shoreline Community Church
Monterey, California
Author of Leadership from the Inside Out; Seismic Shifts; and more than sixty small-group Bible studies

“With his new book Grace Immersion René takes an area of life that is difficult to know and makes it knowable. This book will engage you when you read it, and will move you. And if you are privileged to be in a small group experience with this book, it can change you. Grace Immersion is not to be missed.”

Bert Decker

Chairman and CEO, Decker Communications
TODAY show commentator
Author of You’ve Got to Be Believed to Be Heard;
Speaking with Bold Assurance and more

“Home run — again! René Schlaepfer helps us connect our deepest daily needs with God’s timeless truth. And he does it with vulnerability, skill, and solid Biblical scholarship. Grace Immersion helps us receive God’s grace in ways that are surprising, powerful, and joyful.”

Dru Scott Decker

Psychologist and motivational speaker
Director of
Author of Stress That Motivates;
Finding More Time In Your Life and more

“René’s teaching on GRACE will bless you and leave you with a great appreciation of God’s unending love. This is a book you will definitely enjoy!”

Doug Goodwin

Chief Operating Officer
Kanakuk Ministries
Branson, Missouri